Perrin Knitwear Manufacturing Company was founded in 1924 in Montceau-les-Mines in the Saône-et-Loire region by Francis Perrin.

In the 1930s, between the two great wars, Francis was joined by his son René who developed the manufacturing division with his nephew Guy Reynaud. PERRIN Manufacturing is still a family-run company now managed and developed by the 4th generation of founders: Mrs Martine Couturier, President, Mr Franck Couturier, Sales Director. PERRIN Manufacturing is the last family-owned, run and financed manufacturer of socks and tights to produce 100% of its creations in France!

epv-logoHonoured in August 2014 as a “Living Heritage Company” in the French textile industry with the (EPV) award. The EPV award of excellence rewards companies and artisans who strive and succeed in meeting the stringent quality criteria required by the French State.


The vision and commitment of the Perrin entrepreneurs, our forefathers who founded this company, was to combine quality sourcing and high-quality production with pure French passion and innovation! We, the new generation at the helm of the Perrin Knitwear Manufacturing Co., remain to this day unwavering and willingly bound to this, our forefathers dream!


The PERRIN 1924’ collection of socks represents a concentration of many of these hard earned innovations. Innovative designs and production techniques conceived through the years for the sole purpose of meeting our customer’s expectations of comfort and well-being in any climate or situation. Whether soft sports or extreme, hiking, safety, health, urban life, ceremonies, cocooning or just leisure, you can be sure Perrin has you well covered.


One example of Perrin innovation was the invention of “the sock that holds tight“. This elastic-free sock is uniquely made using a specific knitting process designed and developed by our R&D department. We, at Perrin, have spent generations and lifetimes conceiving and forwarding many inventive technologies like these to insure we stay at the cutting edge of quality, comfort and style.


The PERRIN 1924 brand of socks and our company has had a long held reputation for such advancement and excellence in knitwear manufacturing since its foundation in 1924, and we’re just getting started!