A journey to the heart of necessities, habits, desires, with a clever mix of traditional weave and innovation all conceived and 100% French made.

The PERRIN 1924 sock collection carefully considers all the areas where your foot slips in the sock! The sock, that subtle accessory that finds its way into your suitcase or your dressing room becoming the ideal companion on your daily journey :


The Perrin Knitwear Manufacturing Company is the inventor of “the sock that holds tight”. This guaranteed elastic-free sock is uniquely made by a specific knitting process designed and developed by our R&D department. This sock does not squeeze the foot and it does not scratch at all thanks to the woven 4-thread “worsted” quality wool. Enjoy absolute comfort on a daily basis while walking, traveling or on any excursion.


Technical: Dry-tex material allows your foot to breathe during exercise.
The comfort of this product is also due to its ergonomics; with a short stem, loop material at the sole for better cushioning, fine weave to reduce the thickness while tightening at the arch for good support. When well shod, you will feel the difference. Be a winner!


These “worsted” knee-high socks will seduce both men and women alike. The coarse knitting combined with the bright colors on the cuff, heal and toe, give it astonishing elegance and great comfort, while fitting snuggly around the ankle for a fantastic fit! A sock for Nature lovers: hiking, hunting, horseback riding, walking or gardening. Or just run away!


The urban sock line is heaven on foot! They hold loosely but, do not deform when in use, and is yet another secret of this manufacture! A particular and unique technique of weaving with selected quality yarns makes this possible. You will find precision and quality in these socks made from combed wool mixed with 70% lisle cotton. These socks come plain or with fine stripes, in black and several colours.

Timeless for him

Elegance is a courteous gentlemen!
These knee-high lisle cotton socks are essential in your dressing room. Our progressive mesh weave holds on the calves all day with unprecedented comfort without compressing them. This model exists in worsted long fibers and many colours are available.

Timeless for her

These natural silk mid-stockings with a decorative cuff will cultivate your sense of style! Hand finished toe with naturally soft and comfortable material. Warm in the winter they also allow the feet to breathe in summer. These mid-stockings made of pure lisle cotton are woven in a 4-thread jacquard knit with reinforced toes and heels. Their short stem, brings a touch of freshness to your silhouette. Very soft color range.
Be comfortable, be elegant!


Technical and ergonomic: This professional safety sock has a “protective zone” with cotton loop on the entire sole and on the top of the foot for comfort. Ideal for work shoes reinforced with metal protections. The soft lined cuff will also appeal to hikers and skiers. This strong comfortable sock is available in wool and cotton. Go safe, go comfortable!


These mixed combed wool socks with inside cotton loop will bring you comfort and warmth. The wool has been scraped which gives the material a fluffy appearance. This soft comfortable sock is available in a low version with non-slip pins in the sole. Perfect to spend your evenings warm while remaining chic! 3 colours available. Dare everything to be noticed!

French touch

The sailor, this high-quality 4-thread Egyptian cotton sock is a classic French dressing room favourite, and will accentuate your silhouette! A comfortable sock with soft touch hand finished seems, elastic in the cuff that will not compress, and reinforced toes and heals for socks that last. Its shape is also perfectly adapted to the size of your foot. For men, women and children. Several colours available. A true wonder!

The PERRIN 1924 collection of socks represents a concentration of innovations!
Innovations to meet your expectations of comfort and well-being anytime, anywhere and any age!
PERRIN 1924 has had a reputation of producing quality knitwear since its founding in 1924